Zip Line & Aerial Adventure Design

Excellence, creativity, and innovation in design – it’s what we’re known for and what we deliver. ERi doesn’t simply design the best zip lines and aerial adventure attractions, we build complete guest experiences that encompass all aspects of each client’s needs. Whether your goals are driven by tourism, education, or anything in between, ERi makes the effort to understand the purpose behind each project and incorporates details that make every design exactly what it should be.

Aut viam invenium aut faciam. We will either find a way or make a way. If it’s never been done before then you’ve got our attention and discovered one of our passions. We crave challenge and have the resources that allow us to go beyond the norm into the extraordinary. ERi continuously undertakes each project and and any hurdles with a mindset of producing results that are incredibly cool, beautiful, and make the most sense.

ERi has a list of accomplishments that includes developing our own braking system to address the need for higher velocity braking in a way that is safer and more functional. In addition to our zip line and aerial adventure courses, we’ve designed specialized motorized zip lines, beautiful suspension bridges, emergency egress systems- in short some of the most high-demand projects in the world. Whatever the project at hand is, our team looks forward to identifying and addressing every detail of every need and we will enjoy every step of the process. So, we want to know, what are you dreaming up?