Zipline Building

Zip-line park project underway in Marshall County

April 16, 2012 By Josh Eachus for WTOV9

MOUNDSVILLE, W.Va.-  Officials at Grand-Vue Park are showing off a project that is expected to attract thrill-seekers and outdoor enthusiasts from far and wide.

As of now, zip-liners have to travel some three hours to get the rush of gliding sky high through a canopy of trees.

Come this summer, that all will change when Grand-Vue Park unveils hundreds of feet of zip line that is expected to attract people from all over the region.


Our project manager talks to the media.

Poles are being placed, platforms being built at each landing, staircases going up to allow zip-liners to move from landing to landing. In some cases that will even require suspension bridges as a way of getting from one spot to the next.

The final order of business for crews erecting the park will be to fly the lines.

“We’ll be using a helicopter that will be pulling the cables from the starting side towards the landing side here on the ride which is the 22-hundred foot long zip,” said Experential Resources project manager Brian Brun.

Among all of the construction, project officials with Experential Resources say that are being careful to only trim and remove trees where necessary.

Officials plan on having two options for the zip-line park.

A 2,200-foot dual-line single ride will be offered for $20. For $79, there will be a guided tour that will encompass most of the park and last three to four hours.

Therefore some 20 guides will be needed for 10 months out of the year. Officials said the 20 new hires created as a result will be processed thoroughly.

“It’s not going to be just zip lining. These tour guides have to sell Marshall County. They got to sell the park, they got to know a lot about the area,” said Josh Chaplin, zip-line operations manager.

Not only will zip-lining be available during the day, some night-time events are also being planned.

Officials said the site will include a team-building facility aimed at attracting local businesses to the area..

The zip-line park is tentatively scheduled to open in June.

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