Love is in the air! Sept 6, 2011

Congratulations to Todd and Mariah!Last week was a special time in the ERi family. ERi’s fearless leader – Todd Domeck, took another “giant leap” and married his long-time love Mariah. In typical fashion, the week of the wedding showcased Todd’s passion, creativity, innovation and excellence. It was a week of coming together for old friends, zip line builders, co-workers and family members.

It was amazing to see the way that ERi has impacted so many lives. Alaska, Tennessee, West Virginia, Kentucky, California, Hawaii and many others were there to strengthen the bonds first forged through ERi projects. Each day presented the chance to reminisce about those builds, as well as the chance to catch up on how things have been going since their completion. It wasn’t all business though – the importance of love, friendship and family remained the week’s focus.

Throughout the experience, we couldn’t help but notice how Todd puts the same essential ingredients into everything he does. It’s impossible for him to do something and say “that’s good enough”… instead, he opts for excellence and craftsmanship. Because it doesn’t matter if you’re building a zip line or building a marriage… when a true craftsman is at work, he builds something that will last a lifetime. We have a lot of faith that Todd and Mariah are on their way to building a wonderful life together!