Continued Success!

Happy Zip LiningThese days, it seems lots of companies only “care” when they are trying to sell you something. After the final nail has been hammered, or the final check has been written, they’re gone – BUT NOT US! A continuing relationship with our clients is just as important as the first meeting. Here at ERi, we truly care about the continued success of each of our clients. After all… what’s good for the goose is good for the gander!

That’s why we’re heading back to YMCA Camp Kern where Ozone Zip Line Adventures operates. This particular project wrapped up for us back in 2009, but 3 years and many happy campers later, we’ve been called back to help them expand. We’re adding an additional zip line as well as providing some maintenance and improvements to their current course. We share their enthusiasm to keep the adventures fresh and new!

Although ERi is keeping busy with new locations, we’re still committed to achieving excellence with old friends. Never fear – we have plenty of trained and experienced team members to keep up with the demand. Stay tuned for news on even more locations and projects! Who knows – and ERi project might be coming to a town near you!