Tango TowerExperiential Resources, inc. (ERi) has built over 1,000 cable spans, and 23 complete commercial zip line/canopy tour/adventure park attractions, with several more currently underway. Our employees and affiliates are seasoned industry professionals who love what they do and have the credentials to back them up.

During every step of the process the ERi team works with professionals who are the best in their chosen field. Geotech, engineering, construction, equipment, and documentation are all critical components of completing a successful installation. ERi’s clients benefit from our international relationships that have been cultivated through years of shared projects. In an industry that has grown at an exponential rate, it’s valuable to know that you’re working with a team that has built their careers by consistently being the best at what they do.

Each ERi build comes with a complete set of documentation that serves as a resource for operations and regulatory compliance, as well as a professional training for the staff who will be delivering the experience to your customers. Options for professional inspections and maintenance, continued professional development, and further stages of project development are tailored to each client’s needs. ERi makes it a priority to maintain an open dialogue with all our clients in order to assist with their ongoing needs. We’re in it for the long haul, and enjoy building relationships as much as we enjoy building courses.

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