Advice to Entrepreneurs / December 19, 2011

In these days of saturated markets, entrepreneurs have to think outside the box. (I mean, are you really going to open a coffee shop in a town with 5 Starbucks?). Nowadays, you not only have to be new, you have to be unique… and that’s why we do what we do.

So instead of looking for a building to rent, we invite you to look around outside. Do you see an area that is just PERFECT for a commercial zip line? Well, what are you waiting for?! Zip lines are a great way to turn the local landscape into a fun, eco-friendly, and lucrative business… and we’re here to help.

From first hand experience, we’re seeing that more and more people are growing tired of the next big technology trend. They’re also fed up with seeing the same corporate logos on every street. Instead, people want to feel the sun on their face and the wind in their hair. In other words, they want something a little more real. That’s why commercial zip lines are becoming increasingly popular, and at a very fast pace! And with all the media attention (our zip lines have been featured in at least 3 major TV shows) you can be sure that tourists and locals alike will have zipping on their mind.

At this point, you might be saying to yourself: “But I don’t know the first thing about running a zip line business!”. That’s OK – ERi not only builds zip lines, but also offers the training and even the day-to-day resources you’ll need. It’s our goal to make sure your business is not only profitable, but also a smooth ship to sail.

So if you’re a land owner, investor, or just someone with a dream, please watch the video and learn more. Who knows – with a little hard work, imagination, and a helping hand from ERi… anything is possible!